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Delicious Food Pounded yam and egusi soup Nigerian Cuisine

Easy Delicious Pounded yam and egusi soup certainly is our favorite nigerian dish. Its not hard to make Pounded yam and egusi soup. Pounded yam is one of the many yam recipes in Nigeria. it is very delicious and also very popular. I like it best when it is served with egusi soup. Most folks outside the shores of Nigeria are yet to completely grasp the idea behind pounding yam.

Pounded yam and egusi soup

So Yummy Pounded yam and egusi soup Nigerian Food

The soup is thickened with ground melon, gourd, or squash seeds. Look for the seeds in African or International grocery stores. Pumpkin seeds, also known as pepitas, can be substituted and are available in Latin American grocery stores. You can easily cook Pounded yam and egusi soup by following 9 ingredients and just 2 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 About 1 of yam.
2 You need of Spinach.
3 You need of Meat.
4 It’s of Garlic.
5 It’s of Onions.
6 Approximately of Maggi/seasoning.
7 Prepare of Veg.oil.
8 About of Tomatoes.
9 You need of Pepper.

Yam, salt, sugar, water, egusi soup, egusi seed powder, red oil, spices, seasonings, grated onion and red pepper, spring onion, veg leaves of ur choice, stock meat. For the pounded yam: peel the yam and cut into medium size. Wash and settle in a cooking pot. Pounded yam and egusi soup is a staple Nigerian dish, one of the most popular dish in Nigeria.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Ki fere doya ki wanke ki dafata sosai sai kidaka ta tayi laushi takama jikinta shikenan sai ki kwashe.
Step 2 Ki wanke nama kidafa da garlic da onion da maggi dasu seasoning inyayi saiki nika kayan miya kixuba akai kidafa inyayi saiki xuba mai ki soya ki tsada ruwan miyanki daidai bukata kixuba su maggi garlic inya nuna sai ki xuba alayyahunki da albasa da egusi suma sununa shikenan.

In the USA ingredients for Nigerian dish can be hard to come by Notes: Boil meat with onion, green pepper, and seasonings. There's nothing quite like egusi soup. Almost every family has their own variation of this truly Nigerian dish – try ours for a guaranteed winner! Using a spoon, scoop up the egusi and place in the pot of. Nigerian Egusi Soup is a soup thickened with ground melon seeds and contains leafy and other vegetables.

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