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So Delicious Towon shinkafa miyar egusi Nigerian Food

Delicious Food Towon shinkafa miyar egusi definitely is our favorite nigerian food. This is my secret recipe to make Towon shinkafa miyar egusi. Wash ur rice add water cook over a medium heat till soft and cooked. Tuwo Shinkafa is a Nigerian fufu meal native to Northern Nigeria. It is usually eaten this way: make a ball of the tuwo, dip it in a Nigerian soup and swallow.

Towon shinkafa miyar egusi

Tasty Food Towon shinkafa miyar egusi Nigerian Cuisine

Tuwo shinkafa (Tuwon shinkafa) is a rice meal, popular in the northern parts of Nigeria. It is usually served as an accompaniment for soups and stews Tuwo shinkafa is usually prepared from scratch with short grain rice (local rice), but it can also be prepared with rice flour (which is the easiest&fastest. Tuwon Shinkafa is a typically northern Nigeria delicacy. You can have Towon shinkafa miyar egusi by following 10 ingredients and just 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 About 5 cups of Shinkafar tuwo.
2 Prepare 2 cups of Egusi.
3 It’s 1 cup of Palm oil.
4 You need of Ogu leaf optional.
5 It’s of Seasonings optional.
6 Prepare 1 tsp of Garlic powder.
7 Approximately 1 tsp of Ginger powder.
8 You need of Cooked meat and it stock optional.
9 You need of Onion optional.
10 About of Tomatoes paste 15tblsp.

Born and raised in Kaduna, this is one my favourites which I also enjoy making. Ingredients Egusi (melon seeds) Goat Meat (preferably beef) Palm Oil Crayfish Dry Fish Cameroon Pepper Ugu (spinach, bitter leaf) Maggi Salt Rice for the Tuwon. Miyan Kubewa (dried okro soup), Miyan Wake (bean soup a.k.a gbegiri), Dafaduka (jollof rice), Kosai, (bean fritters a.k.a Akara) I am sure, that there must be more. This is simply rice cooked down till it becomes soggy, and it is mashed to form a soft starchy doughy paste.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash ur rice add water cook over a medium heat till soft and cooked..
Step 2 Using a turning stick kneed it till soft and well fluffy to serve..
Step 3 Cut ur leda add the tuwo roll and serve..
Step 4 For the egusi soup.Add palm oil into a pot till hot,then add ur diced onions fry small, add tomatoes paste fry till it change colour and cooked..
Step 5 Add water and egusi powder,add ur cooked meat and stock..
Step 6 Add all ur seasonings,garlic powder,ginger powder,maggi and cook for like 40-50min..
Step 7 Then add ur diced ogu leaf and cook for 20-25min..
Step 8 Now ready to serve %%%..

How to make Nigerian Egusi soup Party Style Egusi Soup from start to finish. How to make Nigerian Egusi soup Party Style Egusi Soup from start to finish. How To Prepare Tuwo Shinkafa Miyan Taushe.

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