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Delicious Food EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo Nigerian Dish

Easy Delicious EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo undoubtedly is one of my favorite nigerian food. Its not hard to make EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo. Pour little Palm oil inside and all it to fry. Add your chopped onions and pepper. Enjoy this creative version of the Nigerian Egusi soup and Eba.

EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo

So Yummy EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo Nigerian Dish

The lumps of Eba can be wrapped in cellophane material and served in a separate d. Egusi soup ,also known as Obe Efo elegusi/ Ofe Egusi, is a delicious Nigerian soup that is made with ground melon seeds and enriched with assorted meat, fish and spices. It is actually one of the most popular Nigerian soups used for eating bolus meals such as Pounded Yams, Eba, fufu and wheat meal. You can simply prepare EBA and Egusi with fish and ponmo in 11 ingredients and only 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s of Egusi 2cups(grinded).
2 You need of Little vegetables.
3 Take of Palm oil.
4 Prepare of Pepper (Grinded).
5 It’s 1 of medium-sized onion.
6 Prepare of Ponmo.
7 You need of Stockfish (optional).
8 Approximately of Fish (fried).
9 Take of Crayfish.
10 It’s to taste of Salt.
11 Approximately cube of Seasonings.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Put your pot on fire.Pour little Palm oil inside and all it to fry. Add your chopped onions and pepper..
Step 2 Mix your Egusi (melon) with little water and scoop it inside the oil on fire..
Step 3 Allow it to cook for 5minutes for it to fry..
Step 4 Add more water to it and let it cook for another 15minute. Pour your washed vegetables that has been cut to pieces, your Stockfish,crayfish and ponmo, with little salt and seasonings cube to your taste.
Step 5 Cover and allow it to cook for 5minutes.Your Egusi is ready. Add your fried fish inside.

The dish prepared by most Nigerian tribes in Blend the ingredients together until it forms a paste.
This special Egusi Soup recipe will make you start loving Egusi Soup. Try it and see for yourself. Decant the stock into a big enough pot. Add the ground crayfish and egusi to the stock and stir.

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