banga soup and starch recipe main photo

African Dish Banga soup and starch

African Food Banga soup and starch

Traditional African Foods: Banga soup and starch

Banga soup and starch Ingredients

1 Banga 1/2 module (palm fruit).
2 Goat meat.
3 Ice fish.
4 Banga spice.
5 Other seasoning.
6 Starch.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Cook the banga soft and extract the oil.
Step 2 Put the extracted oil on fire.
Step 3 Add ur meat.
Step 4 Cook for a while add ur seasoning and bangs spices with grounded pepper.
Step 5 Allow to thickinned then ready to serve.
Step 6 This particular soup I added egusi thickening it.
Step 7 How to made the starch dissolve the starch in water to be smooth add salt and oil then stir on fire till it smooth and and cook then ready to serve.
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