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African Food Okro soup

West African Foods Okro soup

African Dish: Okro soup

Okro soup Ingredients

1 Okro.
2 Smoked fish.
3 Maggi seasoning.
4 Meat.
5 Salt.
6 Palmoil.
7 Crayfish.
8 Pepper.
9 Ugba.
10 Uziza.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut the okro,cut in onion in it and beat very well.Boil the meat adding salt and seasoning,pour in palmoil,smoked fish,and more water when the meat is done and boil very well..
Step 2 Add crayfish,pepper,salt,uziza,and maggi seasoning boil very well then pour in the sliced okro and ugba and stir..
Step 3 Soup is ready..
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