goat meat pepper with utazi recipe main photo

Traditional African Foods Goat meat pepper with utazi

West African Foods Goat meat pepper with utazi

African Cuisine: Goat meat pepper with utazi

Goat meat pepper with utazi Ingredients

1 1 kg goat meat.
2 Salt.
3 leaves Utazi.
4 2 tablespoon pepper soup spice.
5 1 table spoon black pepper.
6 2 maggi cubes.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash the goat meat with iron sponge to remove the dirts..
Step 2 Boil in a pressure pot for 45minutes(goat meat are usually hard).
Step 3 Pour back in a normal pot,pour in enough water for the peppersoup.Add salt,maggi cubes,dry black pepper and peppersoup spice.cover and cook it for 15minutes.stir very well..
Step 4 Wash and cut the utazi leaves.pour in the pot,and stir.allow it to cook for 3minutes..
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