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African Cuisine Abacha(African salad)

African Cuisine Abacha(African salad)

African Cuisine: Abacha(African salad)

Abacha(African salad) Ingredients

1 Abacha.
2 Akanwu(potash).
3 Red oil.
4 Onions.
5 Garden eggs, the small green one.
6 Salt.
7 Canda.
8 Utazi leave.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Soak your abacha in water and set aside. Boil little water, silice your onions set aside, pond your pepper set aside.
Step 2 Get a mortar or pot, put little hot water and melt your potash, after that add your red oil and continue to turn until is a little tick and light yellow in colour.
Step 3 Put your canda in the mixture, turn and bring it out, set aside, bring out your saoked abacha and in the mixture add pepper, salt, crayfish, silice utazi leave and put, then turn. Put in a plate put your onions, garden eggs and canda. Your abacha is ready.
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