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African Cuisine Spicy Cream and Cheese Mussels

Traditional African Foods Spicy Cream and Cheese Mussels

African Dish: Spicy Cream and Cheese Mussels

Spicy Cream and Cheese Mussels Ingredients

1 mussels cleaned.
2 cheddar cheese.
3 garlic minced.
4 onion minced.
5 chilli minced.
6 lemon grass tied together.
7 salt and pepper to taste.
8 tomatoe sauce.
9 butter salted or unsalted.
10 canola oil.
11 all purpose cream.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil the mussel's with lemon grass for 3 mins add salt and pepper, until shells open.
Step 2 Set aside cooked mussels drain water and remove lemon grass.
Step 3 Sautee minced garlic and onion in butter with canola oil add chilli.
Step 4 If the onion is transparent add tomatoe sauce and stir.
Step 5 Add the All purpose cream and mix well.
Step 6 Add the remaining ingredient cheese, let it melt.
Step 7 Add salt and pepper to taste.
Step 8 After add the shells to the sauce until coated with cream.
Step 9 Add diced spring onion for plating and serve.
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