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Best Food Ever: Ewa agoyin and fried plantain Nigerian Cuisine

Yummy Food Ewa agoyin and fried plantain must be our favorite nigerian cuisine. Today we will prepare Ewa agoyin and fried plantain. Ewa Agoyin is an indigenous yoruba meal, a combination of beans and pepper sauce. An authentic Ewa Agoyin sauce requires using a lot of palm oil, and bleaching it before using it to fry the pepers. The peppers used for Ewa Agonyin sauce are dried bell peppers, cameroon peppers and dried.

Ewa agoyin and fried plantain

Yummy Food Ewa agoyin and fried plantain Nigerian Dish

Ewa Agoyin is usually eaten with a soft bread, boiled yams and fried plantains and it tastes realllllllllllly good. Here's how to make it at home. Sweet beans (oloyin) with plantain is a very healthy and delicious dish which can always be customised to your own taste by adding any fish of your choice. You can easily cook Ewa agoyin and fried plantain in 8 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Take of Dried ghana pepper.
2 You need of Dried long atarodo.
3 Take 4 of medium sized onions (sliced).
4 It’s of Crayfish.
5 Take of Small cut fresh ginger.
6 Approximately of Salt.
7 About of Seasoning.
8 You need of Palm oil (enough to submerge and fry properly).

It can be served with fried plantain (dodo), gari, bread, yam, pap (ogi), rice and many more…. Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Aganyin) is a very popular street food, especially on Lagos streets. It is made by boiling Beans until it's really tender then mashing it. This delicious meal is usually accompanied by a spicy stew which is usually referred to as Ewa Agoyin (Ewa Agoyin) Stew.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the crayfish, and peppers for 4-5hours with minimal water.
Step 2 Then blend the soaked pepper, ginger and crayfish with some of the water used in soaking it (little water).
Step 3 Bleach the palm oil in a well ventilated area for 5-7minutes or until light on cooking spoon and slightly brownish.
Step 4 Turn off the heat on the bleach oil and let it cool slightly.
Step 5 Then pour in the thinly sliced onions into the bleached palm oil and turn on the heat to medium then fry until the onions begins to float on top the oil and looks slightly brown (takes like 20-25minutes).
Step 6 And add the blended peppers then continue to fry add salt and seasoning.
Step 7 Continue frying and stirring as you fry until the peppers and onions begins to feel slight gritty when you press down with the spoon (takes like 25-30minutes).
Step 8 Then set down and turn off heat.

Ewa Agoyin is a delicious pepper sauce that is made in Yoruba land and usually served with well-cooked beans. We add fried plantain and assorted meat sometimes, it's to die for! The Yorubas sure have a twist to everything. There is stew and there is ewa agoyin (pepper sauce for beans) and just. Ewa Agoyin is simply plain cooked beans served with tomato and pepper stew.

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