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Yummy Food Ewa agoyin toast Nigerian Food

So Yummy Ewa agoyin toast no doubt is our favorite nigerian dish. Its easy to make Ewa agoyin toast. Use butter to press edges of the bread together. Place in a toaster immediately and time. Keep the process going untill all slices are finished.

Ewa agoyin toast

Easy Yummy Ewa agoyin toast Nigerian Dish

This delicious meal is usually accompanied by a. First of all, I should point out that authentic Ewa Agoyin is made using just dry pepper seeds. However, Dry Tatashe is added to help tone down the heat a. You can simply cook Ewa agoyin toast by following 4 ingredients and just 5 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 About of Jollof beans(2 cups).
2 Take 10 of Soft Sliced bread.
3 Approximately of Custard and milk(to complement).
4 It’s of Butter.

Growing up, the combination of Ewa Agoyin and the Ewa Agoyin sauce served with it had to be the best thing that ever happened to my beans diet. Ewa Agoyin is one of those street food that not lots of people learned to prepare at home, there was Heads up for those who have never tried agoyin, it is a very oil dish but definitely worth the extra. Ewa agoyin is super delicious and here is a detailed recipe. I enjoyed this delicacy while I was in Ewa Agoyin is a delicious pepper sauce that is made in Yoruba land and usually served with.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Add in 3 tbspoons of ready beans between two slices.
Step 2 Use butter to press edges of the bread together..
Step 3 Place in a toaster immediately and time.
Step 4 Keep the process going untill all slices are finished.
Step 5 Done!serve hot with tea,akamu or custard.

Description: This classic dish is a no-frills, no-fuss delight that will bring back childhood memories for many. Ewa Agoyin is simply plain cooked beans served with tomato and pepper stew. Find out how you can begin to love beans. Ewa Agoyin simply means plain boiled beans eaten with a pepper sauce. Tasty Ewa Agoyin is an online canteen that delivers delicious ewa agoyin (Togolese beans) to Ewa Agoyin Lovers at the.

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