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African Cuisine Porridge beans and fried plantain

African Food Porridge beans and fried plantain

African Food: Porridge beans and fried plantain

Porridge beans and fried plantain Ingredients

1 3 cup honey bean.
2 3 tablespoon crayfish (ground).
3 1 cup palm oil.
4 2 knorr cube.
5 1 onion bulb (chopped).
6 5 habanero pepper(ground).
7 1 big smoked fish.
8 I bunch ugwu leaf(sliced).
9 2 finger plantain.
10 1/2 cup vegetable oil.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash beans very well put in a pressure pot with enough water set to boil for 15min..
Step 2 Wash beans and keep aside.place a dry pot on heat,add palm oil,onoins,pepper and crayfish stir for 2min..
Step 3 Then add the beans and stir then add knorr cube and little water allow for 5min..
Step 4 Wash smoked fish and debone pour into the pot for 2min then add ugwu leaf then stir immediately turn off heat..
Step 5 Put vegetable oil in a pan,place on heat.peel plantain sprinkle salt then fry for 5min.
Step 6 Serve beans with plantain so delicious..
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