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Easy Yummy Potatoes Fried rice Nigerian Cuisine

Tasty Food Potatoes Fried rice certainly is our favorite nigerian food. This is my secret recipe to make Potatoes Fried rice. If you share my love of potatoes, you'll like this easy potato fried rice recipe! Although Chinese restaurants often serve fried rice as a side dish, you can definitely make the dish more prominent and. We will take you through how to prepare this.

Potatoes Fried rice

Easy Yummy Potatoes Fried rice Nigerian Food

A simple rice recipe that uses pan fried Oca potatoes. Any potatoes can be used to make this easy Do you need reasons to eat potatoes? And a fried one at that? You can simply cook Potatoes Fried rice in 11 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Approximately 1 1/2 cup of rice.
2 Approximately 3 of big carrots (diced).
3 About Handful of green beans.
4 Prepare Handful of green peas.
5 Take 11/2 tbsp of fried rice seasoning.
6 It’s 1 of tspn mixed spices.
7 Approximately of I big onion (sliced).
8 You need 3 of big Scotch bonnets (sliced) optional.
9 You need 5 of medium potatoes (diced and fried).
10 You need cubes of Seasoning.
11 Take of Oil.

A lot of pan fried potatoes (or crispy breakfast taters) take wayyy longer than they should. You're first asked to boil the potatoes then chop and fry them. We can hardly think of anything more annoying. Potato fried rice recipe is a quick and easy Indian style rice recipe.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Dafarko zaki parboiling shinkafa ki ajiyeta aside, but zaki saka food color of ur choice da salt..
Step 2 Ki gyara veggies ki wanke ki dafasu da gishiri ta tace ruwan..
Step 3 Ki saka mai a pan da zaki soya shinkafa ki zuba shinkafa ki soyata sannan ki soya veggies dinki a wani pan din hade da albasa da attaruhu. zaki saka seasoning da spices.
Step 4 Ki juye a rice ki juya sosae ki zuba soyayyen dankali ki juya ki zuba green pepper ki barshi yayi 5mins ki kashe..

In this recipe potatoes are pan-fried and added to spiced rice. Season the fried sweet potato fries with Kosher salt or use a spicy seasoning, such as a Creole or Cajun blend. Or, for complementary sweet spiced flavor, sprinkle them lightly with cinnamon sugar. This Instant Pot fried rice is quick and easy pressure cooker recipe. Simple ingredients, easy preparation and great flavors!

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