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African Food Plantain Porridge with Goat meat

African Cuisine Plantain Porridge with Goat meat

West African Foods: Plantain Porridge with Goat meat

Plantain Porridge with Goat meat Ingredients

1 goat meat, cut into smaller bits.
2 medium size plantain diced.
3 Habanero pepper grated.
4 medium onion chopped.
5 Wh.
6 Knorr.
7 Salt.
8 Sweet pepper.
9 Oil.
10 Crayfish.
11 Lettuce.
12 Dry Ginger.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash, goat meat and season with salt n Knorr with Knorr and Marinate for 30minutes..
Step 2 Put on cooker, and cook on low eat till tender and water dries of..
Step 3 Add grated pepper,oil n stir, then add chopped plantain..
Step 4 After 5 minutes, add crayfish n sweet pepper and ginger.let it cook for another 7 minutes..
Step 5 Served, garnished with lettuce leaves..
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