garden egg sauceunripe plantain and yam recipe main photo

African Cuisine Garden egg sauce,unripe plantain and yam

African Dish Garden egg sauce,unripe plantain and yam

West African Foods: Garden egg sauce,unripe plantain and yam

Garden egg sauce,unripe plantain and yam Ingredients

1 mudu Garden egg.
2 Beef(washed,seasoned and cooked).
3 Eggs(Boiled).
4 Fresh pepper.
5 Crayfish.
6 Knorr.
7 Palm oil.
8 Onions(Grated).
9 Salt.
10 Unripe plantain(washed and cooked).
11 Yam(Washed and Cooked).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash d garden eggs,and cut off d bottom and place in a pot and add water just above d garden egg,put ur pepper in a small cellophane and place inside d pot and bring to a boil..
Step 2 Once d garden egg is done and soft,allow to cool and place on a small mortar and pound roughly along with d pepper and set aside..
Step 3 Heat up a pot,add ur oil and bleach for a few minutes to look like Veg oil,.
Step 4 Once its bleached,pour in ur Garden eggs,crayfish,onions,knorr and salt and Cook for 4-5mins..
Step 5 Add ur beef and cook for 2 mins..
Step 6 Ur garden egg sauce is ready, Garnish with egg and serve with Boiled unripe plantain and yam..
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