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Best Food Ever: Pepper soup cat fish Nigerian Food

Yummy Food Pepper soup cat fish definitely is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Today we will prepare Pepper soup cat fish. Nigerian Catfish Pepper Soup (popularly known as Point & Kill) is that Nigerian pepper soup that is usually eaten in exclusive Nigerian bars and restaurants. Catfish pepper soup is one of Nigerian's most popular evening recipes. I have been putting this away for a very long time because of the complexity of the recipe.

Pepper soup cat fish

Yummy Food Pepper soup cat fish Nigerian Cuisine

See great recipes for Cat fish pepper Soup too! Catfish Pepper Soup a.k.a "point and kill" is another delicious Nigerian pepper soup recipe. It is a favourite comfort food for most and is also easy to prepare. You can simply cook Pepper soup cat fish by following 7 ingredients and just 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Prepare of Cat fish.
2 It’s of Water.
3 Prepare of Pepper.
4 You need of Onions.
5 It’s of Gerlic.
6 Approximately of Irish.
7 Prepare of Ingredients.

How to Prepare: Catfish Pepper Soup with Bonus Waffle and Bournvita flavoured Strawberry How to make catfish,yam and green plantain pepper soup. The best pepper soup you will ever taste is from the Niger Delta because they have all the spices and if you have this recipe, you don't need another. Catfish peppersoup is a popular Nigerian dish. The hearty dish, which is sometimes known as Point and Shoot is easy to prepare and you can get all of the ingredients at.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash ur cat fish with hot water so that it will wash very well.blend ur pepper nd onions with gerlic together. Peal ur irish with the sixe u prefers..
Step 2 Set ur pot on fire with small oil nd put on ur blend pepper and onion into d pot fried them together and add little water With ur ingredients nd put on ur irish allow it to boil for 5minutes..
Step 3 Add ur fish to it nd allow it to cook, after 30 minutes Den u check nd serve 😍.

CATFISH pepper soup, also know as 'point and kill', is a delicious soup. It is called point and kill because of how the fish is selected by someone in a local restaurant, sliced and. Fish Pepper Soup – A quick and easy robustly flavored African Fish Soup. Find out how to cook catfish pepper soup right now! Buy the freshest catfish in Nigeria Wondering how to prepare catfish pepper soup?

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