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Tasty Food Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya Nigerian Cuisine

Easy Delicious Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya surely is our favorite nigerian food. I will guide you to make Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya. Dambun shinkafa is a northern delicacy that is gradually finding its way into the home of many Nigerians. Dambun Shinkafa is a dish made with broken rice ( the type used for Tuwon Shinkafa). It is steamed in a colander till cooked.

Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya

So Delicious Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya Nigerian Cuisine

Eating DAMBUN SHINKAFA with My Hausa Friends I am heading up the north of Nigeria, today to bring you Dambun Shinkafa. DAMBUN SHINKAFA DABAN NE DANA DATSA Kaɗan daga cikin nasarorin da matashin ɗan majalisan wakilai mai wakiltan Kano Municipal a Zauren #Majalisan Tarayya Mallam Sha'aban Ibrahim. You can simply prepare Dambun shinkafa & Nigerian suya in 12 ingredients and just 3 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 About 6 cups of finely crushed rice.
2 It’s of Large bunch of moringa.
3 You need 1 cup of finely processed peanut.
4 Approximately of Scotch bonnet.
5 It’s of Onions.
6 It’s of Curry.
7 It’s of Nutmeg.
8 Take leaf of Curry/scent.
9 Take of Veg oil.
10 It’s cubes of Seasoning.
11 About of Salt.
12 You need of Potash.

SHINKAWA Electric is a specialist in vibration monitoring. Our products help you ensure the productivity, reliability, and quality of plant operations all over the world. NOTE: This fan page is not run by the actual Yoji Shinkawa. Tuwon shinkafa is a type of Nigerian and Niger dish from Niger and the northern part of Nigeria.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Remove the leaves of the moringa and wash, add little potash and mix. Wash your rice and drain. In a container add the rice, moringa & peanut, then mix together. Put it in your rice steamer and allow to cook until your rice and moringa are soft and tender..
Step 2 Blend your scotch bonnet and onions together. Then transfer into a large container. Add the nutmeg (grinded) seasoning cubes, Veg oil, salt and the chopped scent/curry leaf and mix. Put in your rice mixture and mix until its will corporated. Then transfer back to heat and allow to cook for some time then serve..
Step 3 It can be served with the Nigerian suya as in the photo or with kidney or liver sauce. Bon appétit.

It is a thick pudding prepared from a local rice or Maize or millet that is soft and sticky, and is usually served with different types of soups like Miyan kuka, Miyan kubewa, Miyan taushe. Tuwo shinkafa (Tuwon shinkafa) is a rice meal, popular in the northern parts of Nigeria. Tuwo shinkafa is usually prepared from scr
atch with short grain rice (local rice), but it can also be prepared. He is best known as the lead character and mecha designer for the Metal Gear franchise. Shinkawa Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

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