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African Food Yam and plantain porridge

Traditional African Foods Yam and plantain porridge

African Food: Yam and plantain porridge

Yam and plantain porridge Ingredients

1 Beans.
2 Salt.
3 Onions.
4 Pepper.
5 Maggi.
6 Plantain.
7 Palm oil.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash beans with water and boil for up to 15minutes and pour in a sieve to drain out water and also rinse with ordinary water to wash out the food chemical.
Step 2 Rinse pot very well and pour in the parboiled beans slice onions round add cook again doe up to five minutes.
Step 3 Peal the plantain and cut into your desired sizes and add.
Step 4 Add the maggi pepper salt cook until about to dry and add the palm oil and allow for some minutes.
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