chicken pepper soup by chef maryumms cuisine🌸 recipe main photo

Yummy Food Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸 Nigerian Food

So Tasty Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸 undoubtedly is our favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸. Chicken – I always prefer to use the home raised chicken, their meat is tougher, they have less fat and they Chicken pepper soup. Sometimes, a comforting bowl of soup is all you need. Keyword: chicken pepper soup, homemade, pepper soup.

Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸

So Delicious Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸 Nigerian Dish

Description: Full of delectable, meaty flavour and packing a peppery bite, this moreish soup will have you coming back for more! Cut chicken into bite sizes, wash and place in a pot with minimal water, season with salt, onions, pepper soup mix, seasoning. Add the powdered cumin and pepper. You can have Chicken pepper soup by Chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸 by following 12 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Take 1 of whole fresh cuts chicken.
2 Prepare 1 of chops onion.
3 It’s of Scotch bunnet(pepper).
4 About of Garlic.
5 Take of Black pepper.
6 Prepare of Curry.
7 Take of Thyme.
8 It’s of Seasonings.
9 You need of Spices.
10 Prepare of Vegetable oil.
11 Take of Chops carrot.
12 Prepare of Ginger.
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Leave for boil and garnish with curry leaves and cilantro. Chef Frank adapts his grandmother's chicken soup recipe for Epicurious. Fond: the brown bits at the bottom of the pan after roasting chicken, the foundation for a lot of good sauces and stocks. Serve with the shredded chicken, chopped parsley and pecorino.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 STEP 1 In a clean pot put your chicken,add onion,garlic,black pepper,thyme,ginger,scotch bunnet stir fry.
Step 2 STEP 2 Add some little vegetable oil,seasonings,spices,curry stir fry.
Step 3 STEP 3 Add chops carrot and stir fry cover it up and let it cook for some minutes,when it’s done serve it hot hot ENJOY🌸.
Step 4 .

Homemade chicken soup – but you don't have to be sick to deserve or enjoy it – you do, so do! Your basic chicken soup recipe found in most general cook books. It is the old reliable of chicken soup recipes. I appreciated the hint to cut the carrots, celery and onions in half. Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the
most celebrated face of Indian cuisine.

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