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Traditional African Foods Yam Porridge with Fried Chicken

African Dish Yam Porridge with Fried Chicken

African Food: Yam Porridge with Fried Chicken

Yam Porridge with Fried Chicken Ingredients

1 medium Yam.
2 Scotch bonnet (Blended).
3 Onions sliced.
4 Maggie.
5 Curry.
6 Ginger powder.
7 Garlic.
8 Veg Oil.
9 Fried Chickens.
10 Water.
11 Spring onions.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a pot add ur oil and onions let it fry for some min then add ur blended scotch bonnets.
Step 2 Stir fry add the spices and seasoning.
Step 3 Add little water because porridge does not need a lot of water and close to boil.
Step 4 For the yam peel and chop it into squares wash and keep aside.
Step 5 The moment its start boiling add in the yam and close to cook.
Step 6 After cooked use a spoon to crush it not all little then plate and garnish with ur spring onions and add ur fried chicken to enjoy it more.
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