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African Dish Broccoli fried rice

African Food Broccoli fried rice

West African Foods: Broccoli fried rice

Broccoli fried rice Ingredients

1 1 cup rice.
2 Broccoli.
3 2 eggs.
4 Chicken as required.
5 3 large carrots.
6 Peas.
7 Green beans.
8 4 tattashe.
9 5 attaruhu.
10 1 tbsp salt.
11 Seasonings.
12 1 tbsp Turmeric&corriander.
13 5 gloves Garlic.
14 Oil.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Since brocoli is my title am gona start with it,its a hearty and tasty vegetable which is enriched with dozens of nutrients when i think of green vegetable it 1st come to my mind bcos it treat cancer,cholestorol,skin &eye care etc so pls include it in your vegies..
Step 2 Na dafa rice din da salt,turmeric and coriander sai na aje a gefe.
Step 3 Nayi marinating chicken din overnight.
Step 4 Already nayi cutting duk aninda zanyi amfani dasu.
Step 5 Sai nasa albasa da garlic da mai yadanyi fry sai nasa naman for 10min sai nasa green beans peas n carrots din for jst 2min na kashe.
Step 6 Sai na janyesu gefe na sai beatn egg din a gefe yayi.
Step 7 Sai na kawo frying pan din deep wan din nasa albasa da garlic again ya danyi nasa broccoli din for some min banasan ya dafe.
Step 8 Sai nasa wannan hadin su naman suka danyi 2 min nasa cooked rice din.
Step 9 And its done the elegant rice.
Step 10 I made a simple coslow cabbage n carrot den bama sai nayi serving with chilled orange and cocumber water.
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