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Traditional African Foods Mishti doi- Traditional Bengali Sweet Yogurt

African Cuisine Mishti doi- Traditional Bengali Sweet Yogurt

Traditional African Foods: Mishti doi- Traditional Bengali Sweet Yogurt

Mishti doi- Traditional Bengali Sweet Yogurt Ingredients

1 Milk.
2 Sugar.
3 Curd (Dahi / Yoghurt), whisked.
4 Water.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 To begin making the Mishti Doi, place a heavy bottom pan on the heat. Add the milk and warm it on a medium heat..
Step 2 Reserve 1/3 of the sugar and add the remaining sugar to the milk. Allow it to dissolve while the milk comes to a boil..
Step 3 Turn the heat down and allow the milk to continue boiling until it reduces by half. Then, take it off the heat and set aside..
Step 4 In another pan,add the reserved sugar and place the pan on the heat. Keeping a low-medium heat allow the sugar to warm and melt, and you will notice it gradually changes colour to brown and starts caramelizing..
Step 5 When the sugar is a light golden bubbly mixture, remove from heat and add a tablespoon of water in the caramelized sugar and pour it in to the reduced milk. Stir well until combined..
Step 6 Let the milk cool slightly. Then add the whisked yoghurt, stir well and pour the mixture in earthen pots or glass bowls..
Step 7 Let the doi set in a warm place for few hours. When set, store the Mishti Doi in refrigerator and serve chilled..
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