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African Cuisine Simple fried rice

Traditional African Foods Simple fried rice

Traditional African Foods: Simple fried rice

Simple fried rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 Vegetables.
3 Butter half cup.
4 Spices.
5 Boiled meat.
6 Chips (optional).
7 and half medium onion.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash your rice and add curry,add water and parboil for for 15 minutes,drain and set aside. For best results you can leave the parboiled rice in the fridge for 2 hours,I left mine for 24 hours so it will look good as its not basmatic rice.
Step 2 Wash and slice your veggies,grind half onion and scotch bonnet and set aside,slice the remaining onion,if you like you can fry your meat. I fried mine.
Step 3 Melt your butter and add the rice,continue stirring for 15 minutes,drain to remove excess butter.
Step 4 Use the drained butter to fry your veggies for 5 minutes,add all the spices and stir,add your rice and meat,sprinkle little water and cover to simmer for 5 minutes. Your delicious and simple rice is ready,I ate mine with chips.
Step 5 Yummy and healthy choice.
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