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West African Foods Simple fried rice

West African Foods Simple fried rice

West African Foods: Simple fried rice

Simple fried rice Ingredients

1 Rice.
2 Chicken.
3 Mixed spices.
4 Kitchen glory.
5 Carrot.
6 Green beans.
7 Pepper.
8 Curry.
9 Knorr.
10 Vegetable oil.
11 Salt.
12 c.
13 g.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and cook the rice half done and set aside then you prepare the sauce by frying the onion, pepper, curry and spices.
Step 2 Once that is done you mix the sauce with the rice and add little water then u put the cut carrot, green peas and salt.
Step 3 You fry the chicken to be dry. once the rice dry water is good to go. You serve with the chicken.
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