basmati fried rice recipe main photo

West African Foods Basmati fried rice

African Food Basmati fried rice

Traditional African Foods: Basmati fried rice

Basmati fried rice Ingredients

1 Basmati rice.
2 big carrots.
3 green beans.
4 green peas.
5 onion.
6 red kidney beans.
7 Oil.
8 seasoning cubes.
9 tspn tumeric.
10 curry powder.
11 mix spices.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Per boiled your basmati rice nd keep aside.
Step 2 Wash all veggies and cut to your desire shape,set fire and put a pan on,add some oil,add all the veggies,spices and sauté,then set another pot on fire,add the rice and the sautéed veggies,mix all together on a low heat,cover it for some few minute..
Step 3 Serve hot.
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