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Traditional African Foods Traditional Ilish fry (Hilsa Fry)

West African Foods Traditional Ilish fry (Hilsa Fry)

West African Foods: Traditional Ilish fry (Hilsa Fry)

Traditional Ilish fry (Hilsa Fry) Ingredients

1 Hilsa Fish.
2 Mustard oil.
3 Red Chili powder.
4 turmeric powder.
5 Coriander powder.
6 Salt.
7 Chopped Onion.
8 Chopped Garlic.
9 Green Chili.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut the fish into medium sized pieces and wash it properly..
Step 2 Marinate it with salt, Chili, turmeric and Coriander powder for 30 minutes..
Step 3 Heat oil in a pan and fry the fish in a low flame..
Step 4 When the fish is light brown in colour add chopped onion, garlic and green chilies in it..
Step 5 Once both sides of the fish turn into brown take them off and put them in a serving dish..
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