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Easy Yummy White rice with vegetable soup Nigerian Dish

Tasty Food White rice with vegetable soup must be one of my favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make White rice with vegetable soup. This one-pot vegetable rice soup is what to make when you need a break from all the heavy and decadent dishes this time of year. This one-pot vegetable rice soup is the perfect antidote for holiday season over-indulgence. And this one-pot vegetable rice soup serves as more than just a.

White rice with vegetable soup

So Yummy White rice with vegetable soup Nigerian Food

I made it at work in a crock pot. A wide variety of vegetable rice soup options are available to you, such as processing type, packaging, and certification. A steamy bowl of soup, like this chicken vegetable rice soup, for lunch or dinner is the perfect way to lighten up after holidays and vacations. You can simply cook White rice with vegetable soup by following 1 ingredients and just 11 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 You need of Rice, beef or chicken, kayan miya, cabbage, onions/green onions, garlic, spices, chopped red or green pepper, maggi, salt/black pepper, flour or heavy cream.

To the boiling vegetables, add rice, zucchini, sweet pepper, basil and parsley. S. if you are not on Lent or a vegan, you may add cream or plain yogurt. If you prefer spicy soup, you may add chili powder (berbere) or tabasco. This Lemon Rice Soup recipe is my most popular soup recipe!

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Zaki dafa namanki ko kaza,bayan kin dafa sai ki yanka albasa ki soya su sama sama a mai. (kazar zaki iya cire kashin ki yanka tsokar kiyi amfani da ita haka)..
Step 2 You add kayan miya while frying your meat..
Step 3 Sai ki cigaba da soyawa har sai ya soyu..
Step 4 Meanwhile kiyi adding spices/maggi, salt/black pepper dasu garlic dinki a ciki.
Step 5 Sai ki motsa ki bashi 30 seconds ya hade zakiji kamshi na tashi..
Step 6 You add flour..
Step 7 Bayan kinsa flour zakiga yayi haka don’t worry ki motsa shi zakiga yana dan dunqulewa haka..
Step 8 You add heavy cream or water..
Step 9 Like after 1 or 2 minutes ki saka veggies of your choice a ciki..
Step 10 Sai ki motsa shi ki bashi 2 mins a wuta sai ki kashe..
Step 11 And finally idan kin gama you serve with anything you want. I served mine with white rice. Enjoy 😊 MSB’S KITCHEN..

It's warm and comforting but also a vegan nutrition-rich meal! This Vegetarian Lemon Rice Soup is one of those comforting soup recipes that's so easy to make, loaded with vegetables and keeps you feeling full and satiated. CLASSIC FLAVORS: Hearty, gluten free chicken soup made with quality ingredients WHOLESOME FOOD: Made with all white meat chicken with no antibiotics ever.vegetables, chicken and rice, Progresso's Chicken Rice and Vegetable Soup taste like it. Easy vegetable rice with mattar paneer. Vegetable Rice-How to prepare Mixed Vegetable Rice.

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