rice pancakes vibibi uniquericerecipe recipe main photo

West African Foods Rice Pancakes (Vibibi) #uniquericerecipe

Traditional African Foods Rice Pancakes (Vibibi) #uniquericerecipe

African Cuisine: Rice Pancakes (Vibibi) #uniquericerecipe

Rice Pancakes (Vibibi) #uniquericerecipe Ingredients

1 rice (soaked overnight).
2 egg.
3 sugar.
4 yeast.
5 coconut milk (heavy).

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash Rice and Soak Overnight..
Step 2 Add the soaked rice in a blender, with all other ingredients and blend till smooth. When blending, be sure all rice particles have fully blended to tiny or no particles..
Step 3 Let it rise. In my case. I put in a water bath for the warmth so the mixture rises to double size..
Step 4 Ready for cooking. You can use a frying pan or a pancake machine. Or even an arepa maker to make your pancakes..
Step 5 One pancake is equal to one laddle of the batter. Enjoy!.
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