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So Yummy Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe" Nigerian Cuisine

Easy Delicious Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe" must be one of my favorite nigerian dish. Its easy to make Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe".

Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe"

So Yummy Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe" Nigerian Food

You can simply cook Mussels in lemon "Fisherman's Recipe" by following 9 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 Prepare 1 bag of mussels without shells.
2 Take 1 of hot green pepper, finely chopped.
3 Approximately 1 of sweet red pepper, finely chopped.
4 Prepare 2-3 tbsp of parsley.
5 You need 100 g of grated feta cheese.
6 Take 1 of lemon peeled and cut in half-moons.
7 Prepare of salt.
8 You need of pepper.
9 Prepare 1 of little olive oil.
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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Clean and wash the mussels, then put them in a pot..
Step 2 Add the rest of the ingredients. You don't add any water because the mussels will let out their liquids..
Step 3 When it starts to boil (over medium heat) put the lid on and turn off the heat..
Step 4 Allow everything to cook like that for 5 minutes and they are ready..

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