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African Food Dry masa porridge

Traditional African Foods Dry masa porridge

African Cuisine: Dry masa porridge

Dry masa porridge Ingredients

1 3 pcs dried masa.
2 1 onion.
3 5 hot pepper.
4 3 tbsp ground but paste.
5 2 cubes maggi.
6 to taste Salt.
7 Smoked fish optional.
8 Water to cover the dry masa.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Rinse your dry masa and keep.
Step 2 Put water on fire to boil.
Step 3 Add smoked fish ground nut paste, onion nd hot pepper.
Step 4 Add maggi.
Step 5 Add dry masa and allow to simmer till it is soaked with the ingredients.
Step 6 Serve with any drink.
Step 7 Enjoy!.
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