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African Dish Millet pap and Masa

West African Foods Millet pap and Masa

African Food: Millet pap and Masa

Millet pap and Masa Ingredients

1 White rice.
2 Yeast.
3 Sugar.
4 salt.
5 Onions.
6 Oil.
7 For d pap.
8 Millet.
9 Ginger and glove.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Pick dirts out of d rice.
Step 2 Wash and soak for 6hours.
Step 3 Grind.
Step 4 Then mix with yeast at night I mix mine by 10pm following morning I add sugar grated onions a pinch of salt add fry.
Step 5 For d pap after soaking I add my gloves n ginger then Grind filler lleave it to still down..
Step 6 Pour a desirable guantity and add boiled water to thicken.
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