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West African Foods Cow leg pepper soup

African Dish Cow leg pepper soup

African Food: Cow leg pepper soup

Cow leg pepper soup Ingredients

1 Cow leg 🦵.
2 Pepper (scotch bonnet n Red chills).
3 Onion.
4 Garlic.
5 Palm oil.
6 Maggi.
7 Salt.
8 Water.
9 Ginger.
10 Spices (curry,thyme, meat spice,bay leaf,oregano,rosemary).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash ur cow leg n put in a clean pressure pot with water enough 2 cook it, wit little amount of salt et maggi.
Step 2 Grind ur pepper including onion,garlic n ginger. Kp aside as u wait 4 ur cow leg.
Step 3 Drain ur cooked cow leg..
Step 4 On ur clean pot, put little palm oil, add ginger n garlic paste den onion, let it fry 4 2mins.
Step 5 U nw add ur pepper paste, ur spices,maggi n salt, stir n fry 4 5mins.
Step 6 U den add ur cooked cow leg n stir 4 som mins. Add little amount of garlic paste n cover.
Step 7 Serve wit chilled drink 🍹.
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