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Traditional African Foods Abacha (African salad)

African Food Abacha (African salad)

West African Foods: Abacha (African salad)

Abacha (African salad) Ingredients

1 3 cup abacha(boiled cassava sliced).
2 2 large garden egg.
3 21 small garden egg.
4 1/2 akpaka.
5 1 tablespoon palm oil.
6 1 maggi cube.
7 1 teaspoon crayfish.
8 1 teaspoon potash.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Pour abacha in a bowl,add maggi,crayfish and stir.
Step 2 Mix palm oil and potash together then pour in the bowl..
Step 3 Serve in a plate add akpaka on the top of the plate with garden egg..
Step 4 Its yummy..
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