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Easy Delicious Achi bitterleaf soup Nigerian Cuisine

Yummy Food Achi bitterleaf soup certainly is our favorite nigerian food. Its not hard to make Achi bitterleaf soup. Wash and boil the meat/assorted /dried fish add onion and salt cover and allow to cook. Wash the Bitterleaf properly and set aside in a bowl. Bitterleaf soup is one of the most traditional soups in Nigeria.

Achi bitterleaf soup

Yummy Food Achi bitterleaf soup Nigerian Dish

Bitter leaf soup is also known as Ofe Onugbu. It`s a favorite dish for a lot of Nigerians. Today you will learn how to prepare Nigerian Bitter leaf Soup. You can simply cook Achi bitterleaf soup by following 7 ingredients and just 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare 2 bunch of Bitterleaf.
2 It’s of Achi grinded.
3 Approximately of Crayfish grinded.
4 Take of I/2 kilo of Meat / assorted /dried fish.
5 It’s of Banga oil.
6 About of Seasonings.
7 About of Onions.

You should know that this kind of soup can be prepared not only with Achi. You can also prepare this fantastic dish. How to prepare Bitterleaf Soup (Ofe Onugbu). Bitter leaf soup, like most other Nigerian soups is named after the particular leaf which is used in preparing it.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and boil the meat/assorted /dried fish add onion and salt cover and allow to cook..
Step 2 Wash the Bitterleaf properly and set aside in a bowl.
Step 3 Open the pot of the meat/assorted add your dried fish (washed) allow to boil together..
Step 4 Open the pot and add the achi mixed with crayfish (choice) you can use just achi. Add the achi bit by bit and wait as it thickens..
Step 5 Stir and add the grinded pepper, stir and add the seasonings, taste at intervals..
Step 6 Add the banga oil and allow to cook..
Step 7 Lastly add your bitterleaf (do not stir please to avoid bitterNess of the soup) Allow the heat of the soup to simmer the bitterleaf and mix all together..
Step 8 Soup is ready serve with fufu/semo /garri.
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But of course, you need to wash this leaf to remove at least ninety percent of the bitter taste, just so you. Bitter Leaf soup is a robust West African soup, predominant in countries like Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana. This dish is neither a soup nor sauce, but something in between – a slightly soupy vegetable that is served to accompany starchy food like fufu. Achi soup is a very delicious dish and very simple to made. This soup is a must die for.

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