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Yummy Food Okra Soup Nigerian Dish

So Yummy Okra Soup no doubt is our favorite nigerian cuisine. This is my secret recipe to make Okra Soup. Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables used in preparing this recipe. Okra soup is often classically made with beef (beef parts) and fish.

Okra Soup

Delicious Food Okra Soup Nigerian Food

Okra soups became signature and staple dishes throughout the South. It is hard to know where the Okra soup thick with crab became Baltimore's "crab gumbo" and Charleston and Savannah's. Okro soup (okra soup) is a delicious West African soup popularly eaten in Nigeria. You can simply cook Okra Soup in 9 ingredients and just 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 It’s 500 g of Okra.
2 Approximately 8-10 pieces of hot pepper.
3 You need 1 of bulb onion.
4 Take Half of a finger of ginger.
5 About 2 of cooking spoons of palm oil.
6 Approximately 1 of smoked fish.
7 Prepare of Kponmo.
8 Prepare of Black pepper.
9 Approximately of Crayfish.

Okro soup is usually eaten with fufu but I make mine so thick and love to eat a bowl by itself. Growing up Okra Soup was on my list of reviled sauce; when okra soup was on the menu at home. I would often eat bread or Garri, for sustenance, – Anything but Okro! Okra soup or Okro soup, however you decide to call it, is by far on of the easiest soups to recreate.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut the Kpomo into little pieces. De-bone the fish. Slice the Okra into big chunky pieces..
Step 2 Wash and blend the pepper, onion and ginger.
Step 3 Bleach the palm oil then pour in the pepper mixture..
Step 4 Add the Kponmo to the pot and leave to boil..
Step 5 Add Salt, Crayfish and black pepper to taste..
Step 6 Add the de-boned fish. Leave for 2 minutes..
Step 7 Add the sliced Okra. (Add water to the pot if prefer a saucy okra soup). Leave to cook for 3-5 minutes..
Step 8 Your soup is ready. (P.S do not put the lid on completely, else the water content of your soup is going to go off the charts).

This recipe is the absolute best way to
get the best. Matt and Ted Lee, James Beard Award-winning chefs from South Carolina, recently released The Lee Bros. Charleston Kitchen (high up on our list of spring cookbooks to look out for). See Recipe For Okra Soup ». Okra is often boiled or fried and served as a simple side in soul food restaurants, but in Charleston it often comes as a luscious vegetable soup with tomatoes, onion, and.

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