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Traditional African Foods My Non-Traditional Makhani Halwa

African Dish My Non-Traditional Makhani Halwa

African Dish: My Non-Traditional Makhani Halwa

My Non-Traditional Makhani Halwa Ingredients

1 semolina (sooji).
2 green cardamom.
3 butter.
4 tbps oil.
5 milk.
6 salt.
7 whole nutmeg.
8 sugar.
9 Sour cream for garnish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 I heated oil in a pan and also melted the butter in it.
Step 2 I added some cardamom pods.
Step 3 Now comes the sooji (semolina). Stir often.
Step 4 Now comes the milk, stir well. Add the salt and the sugar too.
Step 5 Grate one whole nutmeg in it.
Step 6 Serve hot wild cold sour cream. Of course if you have raisins and dried fruits and nuts then you can leave the sour cream. However it was super yummy.
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