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So Yummy See food okra soup Nigerian Cuisine

So Yummy See food okra soup no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian dish. I will give you simple recipe to make See food okra soup. Okra soup is one very popular igbo soup in Nigerian, learn how to prepare okro soup in a very simple step by step procedure. Wash the beef and fish, season with a half teaspoon of salt, two seasoning cubes and half cup of sliced onions. allow them to boil together for. Okra or Okro soup is prepared using the edible green seed pods of the okra flowering plant as a primary ingredient.

See food okra soup

So Yummy See food okra soup Nigerian Cuisine

Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables. Do you know how to prepare it so that the vegetables look yummy in the Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables. You can simply cook See food okra soup in 12 ingredients and only 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 You need of Fresh Okra.
2 Take of Fresh peppers.
3 You need of Onions.
4 Take of Periwinkle.
5 Prepare of Ngolo (sea snail).
6 Prepare of Calamari.
7 Take of Octopus.
8 About of Mushrooms.
9 Take of Kpomo.
10 It’s of Crayfish.
11 You need of Smoked fish.
12 Take of Dried fish.
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Okro soup is a very popular and delicious stew that is loved by the majority of the people, in Okra soup is often classically made with beef (beef parts) and fish. However, shrimps, Lamb Meat, goat I like to mince half of the okro in a food chopper. This helps the okra develop that viscous consistency. Okra soups became signature and staple dishes throughout the South.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Chop the washed okra and set aside, wash also your Mix sea food/kpomo and set aside.
Step 2 Season kpomo, smoked/ dried fish, ngolo, calamari with onion, fresh peppers, bouillon cubes, salt and steam for 20 minutes.
Step 3 Add warm water to pot, add crayfish and allow to boil.
Step 4 Add your chopped okra, stir, and leave to cook for 3mins.
Step 5 Add mushrooms, Octopus, periwinkle,
bouillon cubes and allow to cook for 5mins.
Step 6 Add salt to taste.

It is hard to know where the family tree starts and where it stops. Okra soup thick with crab became Baltimore's "crab gumbo" and Charleston and Savannah's "rouxless gumbo," while in New Orleans the roux made okra soup. See Recipe For Okra Soup ». Okra is often boiled or fried and served as a simple side in soul food restaurants, but in Charleston it often comes as a luscious vegetable soup with tomatoes, onion, and celery. Matt and Ted Lee, James Beard Award-winning chefs from South Carolina, recently released The Lee Bros.

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