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So Yummy Banga rice,with dry fish Nigerian Cuisine

Delicious Food Banga rice,with dry fish must be our favorite nigerian cuisine. Its not hard to make Banga rice,with dry fish. I have always known Banga Soup, which one is Banga rice. I was told oh, it is a form of local Jollof rice, which also puzzled me a little more because Add beef stock if you have, chopped onions, dry pepper, the banga spices, the obunrubebe stick, the smoked fish, crayfish, salt and seasoning cubes. Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu is the Nigerian Soup / Stew prepared with palm fruits.

Banga rice,with dry fish

So Yummy Banga rice,with dry fish Nigerian Food

The Banga stew (ofe akwu) is very easy to make and very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria, almost every ingredient used in Making this stew could be gotten from the farm. Ingredients: Rice, Banga (Palm fruit), Banga spices & herbs, Chicken, Dried Fish, Stock Fish, Crayfish, Scent pepper, Iron fortified Knorr cubes & Salt taste. Preparation Method: – Wash Banga thoroughly in salt solution to get rid of sandy particles. You can simply prepare Banga rice,with dry fish in 9 ingredients and just 14 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 About 1 of derica cup of banga.
2 It’s 2 of tasp.banga spices.
3 Approximately of salt.
4 It’s of water.
5 Prepare 4 cubes of Maggi.
6 Take 1 of big cat fish.
7 It’s 2 of tab.spoon crayfish.
8 It’s 2 of tab,spoon dried pepper.
9 Take 1 of big onion.

Banga Soup is a Nigerian soup that is native to the Southernarts of Nigeria. It is very similar to the Igbo's Ofe Akwu, but the additional spices used for preparing Banga Soup, makes it differ in taste and aroma. In Banga Rice, the Banga spices and rice are added to make up the food. A friend cooked this food over the weekend and it was amazing.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash the rice with a pinch of salt..
Step 2 Parboil the rice for 5mins.
Step 3 Wash and drained.
Step 4 Banga (palm nut) boil for 30mins to soften..
Step 5 Wash and mashed with your palm..
Step 6 Add hot wash into the mashed palm nut.
Step 7 Drained the palm nut. Add more water wash the palm nut thoroughly, drained again..
Step 8 Add the banga
spices, crayfish, dry pepper, Maggi, onion and salt to taste.
Step 9 Add 3cups of water,Allow to boil for 5mins..
Step 10 Wash the dry fish with hot water and salt.,remove the bones.
Step 11 Add the parboil rice enough water, salt, and Maggi to taste..
Step 12 Add the washed dry fish.
Step 13 Steam for 20mins..
Step 14 Ready to serve..

Add beef stock if you have, chopped onions, dry pepper, the Banga spices, the Obunrubebe stick, the smoked fish, crayfish, salt and seasoning cubes. How to cook Banga soup the Delta way. Banga soup is an extremely popular southern Nigeria soup made with Palm nut extract. The preparation method of Banga soup varies from tribe to tribe. The Igbo version is called Ofe Akwu which includes the addition of Ugu or Scent leaves which is without in.

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