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Best Food Ever: Ukazi soup Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Ukazi soup certainly is one of my favorite nigerian food. Today we will prepare Ukazi soup. Okazi Soup (Ukazi Soup) is the Igbo version of the Efik's Afang soup. Learn how to make it here. The vegetables used for the Okazi/Ukazi soup includes Okazi leaves(called Afang leaves by the Efiks.

Ukazi soup

Easy Yummy Ukazi soup Nigerian Dish

This is made with afang leaves (ukazi) and water leaves, these two different leaves combine seamlessly to make a delicious. This is a very traditional African dish which can be easily made from local ingredients. Some salt, knorr and pepper. dried crayfish and water Leaves. dried * afang or blended okazi Leaves. You can simply cook Ukazi soup by following 9 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do it.


1 You need Handful of sliced ukazi.
2 It’s of Salt.
3 Take 2 of Fresh pepper.
4 It’s 2 of maggi cubes.
5 Prepare 2 of Stock fish.
6 Take 5 pieces of cow meat.
7 You need 1 of full teaspoon Ofo(thickner).
8 About 3 of cksp Palmoil.
9 About 2 of cksp Crayfish.

Meat, stock fish, dry fish, ofor (soup thickener), leaf ukazi, esam, crayfish, pepper, maggi, salt. Stem the meat with Maggi, salt and pepper to make the meat have taste add the stock fish and allow to cook for some time. Afang Soup is of Nigerian origin-a much-celebrated recipe from the efik ethnic group in the southern part of Nigeria -and often served at ceremonial occasions such as weddings. Ofe Ukazi "Igbo" or Afang Soup "Efik" is a tasty Nigerian soup which is quite popular in the Eastern & south The major ingredient which the name of the soup was coined from is the wild spinach leaf.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Boil meat with stockfish for about 30mins..
Step 2 Add Maggi,salt and onion..
Step 3 Boil till is soft.add more water allow it to boil and add ofo..
Step 4 Ofo has to be sprinkled inside the soup or mix with warm water first before adding to the soup to avoid lumps..
Step 5 As is boiling at least for 10mins the soup will be a bit thick by now..
Step 6 Add pepper,crayfish,Maggi and palmoil..
Step 7 This will boil very well,minimum of 12mins add salt..
Step 8 Slice the uziza wash and pound with a mortar..
Step 9 Don't pound too hard the idea is just to soften it a bit..
Step 10 Add to the soup.bsoup.boil for 2mins and put of the heat.soup is ready to be enjoyed..

See the step-by-step guide on how to cook Afang soup. Do you want your patrons begging for more? In the Igbo language, it is known as 'Ukazi', while it is commonly referred to as the 'wild. Afang soup is a delicacy of the Ibibios and the Efiks in Akwa Ibom and Cross River State of Nigeria. It is prepared from shredded afang leaves, "water leaf" (Talinum triangulare) and an assorted selection of.

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