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Yummy Food Semo and Afang Soup Nigerian Food

So Tasty Semo and Afang Soup no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian dish. Its easy to make Semo and Afang Soup. Afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. If you are interested in exploring Nigerian foods, this delicious soup would definitely spur your interest in Nigerian foods. This delicious soup is native to the Efiks, the major occupant of (Cross River & Akwa Ibom State).

Semo and Afang Soup

So Tasty Semo and Afang Soup Nigerian Food

While cooking this soup, remember to make the quantity of water leaf more than the Afang okazi vegetable soup can be served with semo, wheat meal, pounded yam and even starch. Afang Soup is the Nigerian soup prepared with the wild leaves known as Okazi. If you need a leafy nutritious soup, then you should go with Afang Soup. You can simply prepare Semo and Afang Soup in 10 ingredients and just 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s 100 g of semolina flour.
2 Prepare 3 cups of shredded water leaf.
3 It’s 2 cups of ground or pounded afang (okazi).
4 You need 1 cup of palm oil.
5 About of Meat.
6 It’s of Dry fish.
7 It’s 3 Tbsp of ground crayfish.
8 About of Fresh scotch bonnet peppers.
9 About to taste of Salt.
10 Take of Onions.

The Nigerian Afang Soup, like the Edikang Ikong soup, is native to the Efiks, people of Akwa Ibom and Cross River states of Nigeria but enjoyed. Afang Soup is a nutritious soup made with Afang leaves/Okazi leaves,water leaves&assorted meat. Learn how to cook this Rich soup. Afang soup is one of the richest and somewhat medicinal vegetable soups of the Efiks/Ibibios in Nigeria.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash meat and dry fish.
Step 2 Place meat in a pot with onions, pepper, crayfish and salt to taste. Let it steam and simmer with the juice from the meat. Very little water is required.
Step 3 When meat is almost cooked, add dry fish.
Step 4 Then add the waterleaf, leave for 5-10 mins. Then add the afang.
Step 5 Allow to cook a bit then add the palm oil.
Step 6 Leave to simmer then remove from heat.
Step 7 Place a clean pot of water on the gas allow to
boil. Stir in the semolina flour and stir till smooth..
Step 8 Turn down the heat, add a little more water, stir then serve.

The Igbos' have a similar soup known as Okazi soup. Afang Soup is of Nigerian origin-a much-celebrated recipe from the efik ethnic group in the southern part of Nigeria -and often served at ceremonial The star vegetable in this soup is shredded afang leaves which is known by various names- "eru"or "kok" in Cameroon, "Ukazi" or "Okazi" in Nigeria and. Afang Soup recipe at long last… Yay!!! Afang Soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. It is very nutritious, medicinal and native to the Efik people of Nigeria.

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