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African Food Home made shawarma

African Cuisine Home made shawarma

West African Foods: Home made shawarma

Home made shawarma Ingredients

1 flour.
2 yest.
3 sugar.
4 salt.
5 oil.
6 Chicken cut into.
7 Cabbage.
8 Onions.
9 Mayonnaise.
10 Ketchup.
11 Black pepper.
12 Cucumber.
13 Seasoning.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Add your flour,yeast,sugar,salt and oil then add water gradually to form a dough and let it triple it size for 1hr then sprinkle flour in your table and cut the dough into5 pieces and roll each every one and cut it into circles and then you put in a pan after it done you cover it with clean towel to avoid drying.
Step 2 Mince chicken and marinate it with seasoning,cut cabbage,onions and mix it with some mayonnaise and ketchup,then fry your chicken and keep it aside.
Step 3 In your bread,spread mayyo and ketchup then put your mixed cabbage and cucumber and your chicken then cover ita. With foil paper and warm it.
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