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Traditional African Foods Fresh Ice Fish Bitterleaf Soup

African Cuisine Fresh Ice Fish Bitterleaf Soup

African Cuisine: Fresh Ice Fish Bitterleaf Soup

Fresh Ice Fish Bitterleaf Soup Ingredients

1 Titus icefish, Periwinkle, Oyster, Bitterleaf, Salt.
2 Red Cocoayam, Fresh pepper, Red oil, Cubes, Onions, Ginger.
3 Garlic, Seasoning.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Clean and wash the titus icefish. Put in a pot. Pour the blended fresh pepper, garlic, ginger into the pot. Add the salt, cubes. Pour the red oil into the pot and allow to boil..
Step 2 Peel, wash and boil the red cocoayam. Blend till smooth. Wash the fresh bitterleaf and keep aside..
Step 3 Pour the blended cocoayam into the pot. Add water. Add the bitterleaf, seasoning and the sea foods. Add salt to taste and allow to boil briefly and remove. Serve with any swallow of your choice..
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