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So Tasty South Indian coconut rice Nigerian Dish

So Yummy South Indian coconut rice surely is one of my favorite nigerian food. This is my secret recipe to make South Indian coconut rice.

South Indian coconut rice

Delicious Food South Indian coconut rice Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply cook South Indian coconut rice by following 14 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 About 2 cups of cooked rice or 1 cup raw rice (any type of rice).
2 Take 3/4-1 cup of freshly grated coconut (you can use frozen too, but thaw completely before using).
3 You need 3 tbsp of coconut oil (or any other odorless oil).
4 About 1/2 tsp of mustard seeds.
5 It’s 1/2 tsp of jeera/cumin seeds.
6 You need 1/2 tbsp of urad dal/split black gram lentils.
7 You need 1 tbsp of chana dal/split Bengal gram dal.
8 Approximately 2-3 of dry red chilies, roughly cut.
9 It’s 1 of small pinch of hing/asafetida powder.
10 Take Few of Curry leaves.
11 Approximately of Optional:.
12 About Few of peanuts (with our without skin)/split cashew/whole almonds etc.
13 About FOR of GARNISH:.
14 Prepare As required of Freshly chopped coriander leaves/cilantro.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 If using raw rice, wash in plenty of water until water runs clear and cook (either in a pressure cooker or stovetop) until just cooked and each grain is separate. Drain and cool completely. If using already cooked rice, make sure each grain is whole and separate..
Step 2 TO MAKE COCONUT RICE: Heat oil in a deep sauce pan and once the oil is hot, add mustard seeds. As soon as the seeds start to crackle and pop, add jeera and hing powder and sauté on low heat for a few seconds. Now add the lentils (urad and chana dal) and fry again until they turn light golden. Stir in dry red chilies and peanut/cashew nuts if using and fry again for a few seconds..
Step 3 At this stage, stir in grated coconut and fry or sauté on medium heat, stirring continuously until the coconut is slightly fried and starts to turn light brown. Try not to fry it too much; we need the flavor and aroma of fresh coconut!
Sprinkle rice and salt to taste and mix well, cooking on medium heat, stirring often until heated through. Remove from heat and serve hot or at room temperature with yogurt, raita, papad, potato chips etc!.
Step 4 Notes Adjust the amount of spices and coconut according to personal taste. If consuming immediately or within a day, it is safe to roast the coconut just a bit, maintaining it's freshness and flavor. But to make it last longer, roast coconut until heated through and lightly browned. Adding peanuts/cashew nuts/almonds etc is optional. Make sure you use cold or room temperature rice with each grain separate and whole..
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