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Traditional African Foods Bitterleaf soap

Traditional African Foods Bitterleaf soap

African Dish: Bitterleaf soap

Bitterleaf soap Ingredients

1 Cocoyam.
2 cksp Red oil.
3 cksp Crayfish.
4 Salt.
5 Knorr seasoning.
6 Red pepper.
7 Bitterleaf(long one).
8 Stockfish.
9 Meat (different part).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash the cocoyam and boil with the back.boil for 30minutes peel and pound drop a teaspoon of palmoil and pound till is smooth..
Step 2 Cook the meat and stockfish with knorr seasoning and salt,cook it to be soft..
Step 3 Then put the palmoil then cover and boil till the palmoil no longer settles on top..
Step 4 Put small balls of the cocoyam in it and boil the cocoyam will thicken it..
Step 5 Crayfish,red pepper,salt and knorr seasoning is next in the pot after 10minutes.
Step 6 Rinse and put the bitterleaves.cook for 3minutes and the bitterleaf soup is good..
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