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Yummy Food Fisherman Soup Nigerian Dish

So Yummy Fisherman Soup no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian dish. Today we will prepare Fisherman Soup.

Fisherman Soup

So Delicious Fisherman Soup Nigerian Food

You can simply cook Fisherman Soup by following 14 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 You need 1/2 kg of cat fish cleaned.
2 Approximately 10 pieces of stock fish ear (nti okporoko).
3 About 2 cups of sliced uziza leaves.
4 You need of ball pack Coco yam as thickener.
5 About 1 of cksp palm oil.
6 About 1/2 of bulb onion.
7 It’s 3 cubes of knorr.
8 About 2 cups of periwinkles (isam) without shell cleaned.
9 About 2 cups of clam (ngolo) without shell cleaned.
10 About 2 cup of mussels without the shell cleaned.
11 It’s 2 tbsp of blended crayfish.
12 Take to taste of Salt.
13 Approximately 5 of fresh pepper.
14 You need 3 cup of fresh prawns cleaned.
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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 To clean your cat fish: place cat fish into a bowl and pour some boiling water into the bowl and cover it. Leave for a few minutes and wash off the slimy exterior.
Step 2 Put stock fish into a pot roughly blend fresh peppers and pour over stock fish; dice onion into the pot add salt and knorr cube allow it steam till stock fish is tender..
Step 3 Add catfish, palm oil and crayfish, cocoyam which is you thicken base, stir gently; and add a little water, allow it cook for about 8 minutes.
Step 4 Then add prawns, clams, mussels, periwinkles and please stir gently; remember do not cover the pot..
Step 5 Once the seafood is cooked roughly 10 minutes, add uziza leaf, cover pot and turn off heat; allow the steam cook the uziza leaf..
Step 6 Serve with rice or any swallow of your choice..

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