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African Dish Coconut Rice Barfi

African Dish Coconut Rice Barfi

Traditional African Foods: Coconut Rice Barfi

Coconut Rice Barfi Ingredients

1 Pilau Rice.
2 grated coconut.
3 jaggery.
4 Cardamom powder.
5 Ghee/ clarified butter.
6 Water.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Gather all the ingredients. In a bowl, take the rice and soak them properly in water for around 15-20 minutes..
Step 2 After the rice is soaked, blend the grated coconut & rice with half cup water to a fine smooth paste..
Step 3 Grate the jaggery. Now take a pan in the gas, in medium low flame, add the jaggery & half cup water to it & stir continuosly till the jaggery dissolves..
Step 4 Now add the rice paste to it & keep stirring so that there are no lumps..
Step 5 When the mixture thickens & turns to a paste texture add ghee to it & stir..
Step 6 When the barfi starts to separate from the pan & turns to a non sticky mixture, add the cardamom powder, mix it well & take the mixture off from the gas..
Step 7 Brush ghee in the serving plate, put the barfi mixture in it, make the upper surface smooth using spatula & let it set for 10-15 minutes..
Step 8 After it is set properly, cut it into pieces as you desire..
Step 9 Decorate as per your choice with nuts, sugar balls & your Coconut Rice Barfi is ready to serve! Enjoy!!!.
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