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West African Foods Coconut Rice Kheer

African Dish Coconut Rice Kheer

African Food: Coconut Rice Kheer

Coconut Rice Kheer Ingredients

1 soaked andcrushed rice.
2 milk.
3 or to taste sugar.
4 vanilla essence.
5 coconut crushed.
6 Almonds for garnishing.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 SB sy phyly milk boil krlein..
Step 2 Sugar or rice add kar ke cook krien..
Step 3 Slow flame par cook krien or muslasal spoon chalaty rahein..
Step 4 Jab thick hony lgy tb coconut or vanilla essence add krdien..
Step 5 Dish mea nikal kar almond sy decorate krdijiyay..
Step 6 Chill serve kijiyay..
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