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African Cuisine How to Make Coconut Jollof Rice

Traditional African Foods How to Make Coconut Jollof Rice

African Dish: How to Make Coconut Jollof Rice

How to Make Coconut Jollof Rice Ingredients

1 Rice.
2 Vegetable Oil.
3 Balls Red Pepper.
4 Balls Tomato.
5 Big Ball Onions.
6 Shredded Beef.
7 Grounded Crayfish.
8 Stock Cubes.
9 Salt.
10 Carrot.
11 Green Beans.
12 Smoked Panla Fish.
13 Meat Stock.
14 Coconut Milk.
15 I/2tsp Curry.
16 Thyme.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Parboil rice in a separate pot..
Step 2 While rice is boiling in lala land, add oil to frying pan..
Step 3 Add onions when oil is hot..
Step 4 Add red pepper..
Step 5 Add chopped tomatoes..
Step 6 Stir until tomatoes look cooked..
Step 7 Add shredded beef..
Step 8 Add crayfish.
Step 9 Add meat stock..
Step 10 Add stock cubes and salt.
Step 11 Add curry and thyme..
Step 12 Stir well..
Step 13 Add coconut milk. Leave to boil for 4 minutes..
Step 14 Add parboiled rice..
Step 15 Stir thoroughly..
Step 16 Add smoked fish, carrot and green beans..
Step 17 Stir well and leave to cook..
Step 18 Serve hot with your choice juice..
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