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West African Foods Traditional Salad

African Food Traditional Salad

African Dish: Traditional Salad

Traditional Salad Ingredients

1 Lettuce.
2 Onion.
3 Cucumber.
4 eggs.
5 tomatoes.
6 Maggi.
7 Groundnut cake (I have already grinding it).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Get a pot boil ur eggs.
Step 2 Cut on ur lettuce nd wash it, wash ur tomatoes, cucumber, onion,egg, and slice dem to ur desirable shape.
Step 3 Here is my lettuce, groundnut cake, nd Maggi.
Step 4 Then put on ur lettuce in d tray, start to decorate it, add ur tomatoes follow by ur onion, cucumber,groundnut cake,and ur egg in d edges.
Step 5 After dat u can mix everything nd enjoy ur traditional salad.
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