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Tasty Food Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends Nigerian Food

Delicious Food Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends certainly is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. I always use this special recipe to serve Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends. Suji ka Halwa Recipe (with Step by Step Photos). Suji halwa is also known as rava sheera in western India And Rava Kesari in South India. the method of preparation is more or less similar, with a few ingredients being changed here and there. Traditional Indian dessert, Sooji Halwa is a pudding made from semolina (sooji).

Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends

Delicious Food Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends Nigerian Cuisine

Sheera or suji halwa is a traditional Indian pudding made with semolina, ghee, sugar, cashews and Suji halwa is made in many regions of India with more or less the same ingredients & similar method. Semolina, when made sweet, is called sheera. Several variants of this dish are available under other names in various parts of India. You can simply cook Traditional suji halwa#foodies and Friends by following 8 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 You need 250 grams of suji.
2 It’s 200 grams of sugar.
3 You need 4 of table spoons pure ghee.
4 Prepare 2 cup of oil.
5 Prepare 100 grams of khoya.
6 Take 1 of egg.
7 It’s 50 grams of roasted badams.
8 It’s of Suji halwa.
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Sooji Halwa is a traditional but popular dessert. Sooji Halwa is delicious and a welcome treat for guests. Perfect suji halwa for a break first. Suji halwa is a cooked semolina dessert and this delicious dessert is very popular across the south-Asian countries.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 First put suji in pan.
Step 2 Add 4 table spoons ghee in it.
Step 3 Stir while it become golden brown.
Step 4 Add sugar and keep stirring.
Step 5 When its half done and become little thick add one egg and keep stirring.
Step 6 In end put khoya and roasted almonds and keep on low flame for some almost 5 minutes.
Step 7 Pour it in a bowl and garnish with some almonds and khoya.
Step 8 Ready to serve.

Suji halwa commonly served as breakfast with roti or paratha, also prepared for. Suji ka halwa recipe is the most popular halwa in our country. It is very easy and quick recipe and its ingredients are easily available in every household. Semolina or Suji is cooked with sugar syrup and. Learn how to make easy Suji Ka Halwa (India
n Semolina Pudding) which is an easy semolina with sugar syrup dessert topped with nuts.

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