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African Dish African Salad (abacha)

African Cuisine African Salad (abacha)

West African Foods: African Salad (abacha)

African Salad (abacha) Ingredients

1 Dry Cassava flakes.
2 Blended crayfish.
3 Sliced fresh bonnet peppers.
4 Sliced onions.
5 Potash.
6 Fish.
7 Ponmo.
8 Tomatoes and pepper blended.
9 Uziza leafs sliced.
10 cubes Seasoning.
11 Salt.
12 Water.
13 Garden egg leafs sliced.
14 Garden eggs.
15 Shredded oil bean.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Soak the cassava flakes in clean water for about 20minutes..
Step 2 Wash the ponmo and cook separately If using fresh fish, cut as desired and fry..
Step 3 Heat little vegetable oil, sauté onions and fry the blended tomatoes and peppers. Add salt and seasoning cubes. Add the ponmo and fish. Set aside..
Step 4 The cassava flakes would have soaked and doubled in size by now. Rinse and put in a sieve to drain water. Wash the leafs, place in a separate sieve to drain water. Set both aside..
Step 5 Dissolve the potash as needed in little water, depending on how plenty your sauce should be..
Step 6 Sieve the potash water in a bowl, add palm oil as needed, add the shredded oil bean, add seasoning cubes, blended crayfish, salt and stir thoroughly to form a thick and yellowish paste..
Step 7 Add the cassava flakes, sliced peppers, onions and leafs, mixing everything thoroughly to combine. Place on heat to cook for like 2 minutes. Serve along side the peppered ponmo, fish and sliced garden eggs…
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